The sleeping child

And Pythagoras saw the child sleeping in the shade and he spoke to his followers / disciples / companions:

„Just as the child’s soul has withdrawn into itself and it will spring to more vigorous life than before, so your souls, when you die, return to the dwelling places of the gods, so that they will grow stronger and enjoy life once more.

„Life is knowledge and progress and it moves the world. But death is repose and healing from bad things. When the soul is reborn it is pure and clear, for an incurable soul is separated and thrown into non-being.

„It depends on you, human beings, whether the cosmos will be more or less a cosmos (= decoration, order). Cultivate harmony so that you will live without burden. What was will be again, nothing new is seen on earth.

„Live in the community of what has become and died again and been revived for all time.

„The Koinonia of the animate helps you to make evil weaker and good stronger. No goods will come to the world if you distort the face of the animate. Whatever evil you do to others will fall back on you, and whatever good you do, you do for yourselves and your children.

„I am sent to you by Apollo, the great god, so that order may be established on earth and the cosmos may progress and grow for all eternity.“


KommentarGreek Original Tondokument
Τ? βρ?φος καθε?δον

Κα? ? Πυθαγ?ρας ε?δε τ? βρ?φος καθε?δον ?ν τ? σκι? κα? ε?πε το?ς φοιτητα?ς?
??ς ?παν?λθεν ? ψυχ? ? το? βρ?φους ε?ς ?αυτ?ν κα? ?ναβι?σεται σφοδρ?τερον ? τ? πρ?ν, ο?τως α? ψυχα? ?μ?τεραι, ?ταν ?ποδ?νητε, ?πανελε?σονται ε?ς τ?ς οικ?ας τ?ν θε?ν το? κ?σμου, ?να ??μην λ?βωσι κα? π?λιν ?σχυρ?τερον τ?ς ζω?ς ?πολα?σωσι. ? ζω? μ?ν τ? γιγν?σκειν ?στ? κα? τ? προσκ?πτειν, α?τη κινε? τ?ν κ?σμον. ? θ?νατος δ? τ? ?ναπα?ειν κα? τ? ?κεσθ?ναι τ?ν πραγμ?των πονηρ?ν.
?ταν ? ψυχ? π?λιν γ?νηται, καθαρ?ν τι ?σται κα? ε?λικριν?ς, ?ς ? μ? ?κεστ? ?ποτεμε?ται κα? ε?ς τ? μηδ?ν ε?ναι βαλε?ται. ?π? α?το?ς ?μ?ν, ? ?νθρωποι, ε? ? κ?σμος μ?λλον ? ?ττον κοσμηθ?σεται. θεραπε?ετε τ?ν ?ρμον?αν ?να ε?κ?λως ζ?τε. ? τι ?ν, ?σ?μενον π?λιν ?σται, ο?δ?ν καινο? ?ν τ? γ? ?ρ?ται. ζ?τε ?με?ς ?ν τ? κοινων?? τ?ν ποτ? γενομ?νων κα? π?λιν τεθνε?των κα? ?ναβιωσομ?νων ε?ς π?ντα τ?ν χρ?νον.?

?? τ?ν ?μψ?χων κοινων?α βοηθε? ?μ?ν τ? κακ?ν ?ττον ποιε?ν κα? τ? καλ?ν κρε?ττον. ο?κ ?κος τ? κ?σμ? ?σται, ??ν τ? τ?ν ?μψ?χων πρ?σωπον α?κ?ζετε. ? μ?ν κακ?ς ποιε?τε το?ς ?λλους, ε?ς ?μ?ς ?μπεσε?ται, κα? ? καλ?ς δ?, ?μ?ς α?το?ς ποιε?τε κα? τ? τ?κνα ?μ?ν. ?πεμψ? με ε?ς ?μ?ς ? ?π?λλων, ? μ?γας θε?ς, ?να ? κ?σμος ?ν τ? γ? γ?νηται κα? καθ?ρθωμα ? κ?σμος λ?β? κα? α?ξ?νηται ε?ς τ?ν α??να.?

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