Prayer for a good death

With Thee I expire, oh Zeus, who committed Olympus to the principle of the quaternity so that beauty might endure for all eternity. Grant unto us to leave the world with ease and to love the order of Thy works so that we may rejoice in our soul with all the gods and goddesses. That we may experience the transition of our soul into the life of health and find peace in the houses of the gods. Und the rebirth will be akin to a blithe waking up early in the morning.

Commentary Griechischer Urtext Tondokument
The quaternity, the tetraktys, has been regarded since ancient days as the centre of the mystical numerical speculation of the Pythagoreans. In the Gospel of Pythagoras too there is mention of that quaternity, but that concerns the four deities Rhea, Athene, Apollo, and Dionysus, to whom Zeus entrusted rule over Olympus, i.e., over the houses of the gods. According to tradition that occurred at a time when the old belief was being persecuted and exterminated by Christianity. Pythagoras had foreknowledge of those events through divine revelation and knew that the flame lit by his teaching would in some far-off future rekindle the old belief.

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